The Brand

Ebuy24 is a privately-owned family company situated in the southern part of Denmark.

We develop, produce and trade furniture to European consumers as well as our own online stores on a broad international market. 90% of our production is exported all over Europe. Particularly, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Greenland.

Quality Products

All our products go through a quality check, so that we can always ensure that we have products in the shop that we are happy to send out. We guarantee that our furniture will live up to your expectations.

Sofa leg detail

Ebuy24 is a collection of furnitures developed with focus on both functional and timeless design. We strive at creating high quality to affordable prices. As a Danish company, - our product designs are inspired by the simple Nordic design style and basic values. Simplicity, basic materials, stylish colors and modern lifestyle.

Cup on blanket on sofa

Customer Service

We take great pride in providing a good service. Our customer service is ready to help you if you have questions about the webshop or an order. We do our best to find a suitable solution for everyone.

The collection is for the modern family as well as the young people moving out of home for the first time. We are passionate about great furniture, great customer service and creating furniture for you and me.


We have a code of conduct that ensures no child labor and our products comply with the EUTR guidelines, that prohibits illegally harvested timber and products derived from such timber.

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We select our suppliers and producers carefully to ensure consistent high quality and innovative new products and product lines.

To ensure highest quality to affordable prices we source our products in south America, far east, middle east, eastern Europe and locally.

The collection makes your house to a home.

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